Mapping Sant Climent de Taüll

VideoMapping 1123 | Sant Climent de Taüll

Unique and innovative presentation of the Romanesque paintings from the San Climent de Taull church through video mapping that recreates de original frescoes inside the chancel and apse of the central nave. The original painting from the XII century is currently conserved in the National Catalan Museum of Art in Barcelona, MNAC.Since 55 years ago, in the church there was a copy of the originals painted over plaster that was degrading. After removing the last copy, a very delicate restauration process took place, which uncovered remains of the original painting that had been preserved in the deep layers of the walls of the apse.The mapping of Taull applies the last audiovisuals technologies used in romanique art. In this sense, the purpose was to try to capture the historical essence through out the mapping content . Inside this customized instalation, thorow research was made to discover the techniques used to paint the fresco. The painting has been reproduced elemnet by element to produce the animation. The prohjected image was designed to fit perfectly with the original remaining paintings in the church and the emotionally soundtrack transports us to the era of the painting.The objective of this mapping is to virtually and digitally restore the original paintings in its original location, the church of Sant Climent de Taull, and also to reproduce the pictorial set as it was in 1123. The audiovusual presentation helps the visitor to understand the painting technique of the Romanesque frescoes and at the same time to discover different iconographic representations that make up this artistic and religious mural painting.For more information visit 

  • Client: 
    Generalitat de Catalunya - Obra Social la Caixa
    Project & Audiovisual Production: 
    Albert Burzon
    Project & Technical Production: 
    Eloi Maduell
    Santi Vilanova
    Albert Burzon + Xavi Mula
    Albert Burzon + Eloi Maduell
    3D Model: 
    Carlos Padial
    Photography & textures: 
    Josep Giribet
    Laser scan: 

Making Off - Mapping Sant Climent de Taüll